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GEORGE POLYA – The Father of problem Solving

How do we solve any mathematical problem? We first understand the problem, analyse it and then plan to solve it and recheck for any errors. This method of solving problem was first suggested by a great mathematician named George Polya….

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We all notice the word “pasteurized” on the milk packets or containers that we buy. Pasteurized milk is the milk that is free of germs. The technique that is used to kill bacteria in liquid food is called Pasteurization. The…

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NTSE is a State level scholarship program for students studying in class X Assam NTSE Date of exam: 08.11.2015 Bihar NTSE Date of exam:08.11.2015 Chandigarh NTSE Date of exam:08.11.2015 Chhattisgarh NTSE Date of exam:08.11.2015 Daman and Diu NTSE Date of…

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