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After i-phone and TV will it be i-car from Apple?

Recent Wall street journal news report lends more credence to the speculation that Apple is indeed planning for new car development with tentative release in 2019. Earlier rumors have speculated Apple developing a self-driving car but as per this report it may not be a fully autonomous car. It is far more complicated to build a car and make a business model out of it than building iPads and phones(batteries, driving assistance features etc). It is possible that many of the features will be available to the drivers of the cars through software apps. Will be interesting whether Apple cars will target a niche market(like Tesla) or a broader market. More information at KNOW MORE

Brain sees Math as beauty:-

Brain scans have shown that the emotional brain centers inside brain that appreciate art are the same ones that appreciate beautiful maths. A study in the journal Frontiers in Human Neuroscience gave 15 mathematicians 60 formula to rate. The Medial orbito-frontal cortex in the brain rates beauty of a math formula same way it rates beauty of a piece of art or painting. Euler’s identity


Is the formula of choice for most mathematicians?  More on this can be found at KNOW MORE


A green consumer is somebody who is very anxious about the environment and he purchases only the products that are environmental friendly or eco-friendly. We all need to be green consumers.  Some of the examples of eco-friendly products are products with no or little packaging, products manufactured from natural ingredients and made without causing pollution. We should buy only such products to save our environment. Our Environment Video

Green consumer day is globally celebrated to highlight the problems of consumerism and its effect on the environment. “Go Green” is the global anthem of the world and it has become major concern in recent times. The primary focus should be on raising awareness and the significance of reusing, recycling and reducing the waste material.

Recently terms such as global warming, biodegradable, recyclable, environmental friendly, sustainable, compostable, and bio-based have created a drone even among common men – Newspapers and electronic media constantly talk about this in one way or the other and making us realize its importance ! People are becoming more “Green Conscious” heading towards green businesses. People are more apprehensive than ever about the environmental impact of products that they buy. Most of the consumers purchase those products or packages that can be recycled or that can be safely disposed off in their communities.

Green Consumerism has helped to encourage significant shifts in the way in which some industries outlook the environmental challenge. Though green consumers convey their environmental concerns in their own individual ways, they are inspired by universal needs. These needs transform into new purchasing strategies with the ways product are developed and marketed. Many industries have also shifted towards green techniques.

Be a green consumer if you are not yet on this Green Consumer Day which is celebrated every year on 28th September and we need to think on what we purchase, and the impact it has on the environment and us. Start taking baby steps which would add to the accumulation of the huge cause i.e. Environmental Protection.

Let’s go Green and make a difference!

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