Financed by Marc Zuckerberg(founder of Facebook) and Yuri Milner(a Russian investor in Facebook) the breakthrough prize in mathematics is worth $3 Million. It is the latest effort in Milner’s crusade to make science more lucrative and cool in a society that rewards entertainers and politicians more than scientists and mathematicians. Mr. Milner mentioned that going forward, 8 breakthrough prizes will be awarded each year, 1 in mathematics, 1 in physics and 6 in life sciences for a total of $24 million.

Is time travel possible:-

Get close enough to the edge of a blackhole or go out in space in a rocket ship at speed of light and you are travelling ahead of time. World science U provides hundreds of short video answers to a wide variety of questions from ‘what is Higg’s particle’ to ‘what happens to time near a blackhole’. My interesting picks are ‘what is time’ and ‘how does time relate to what clocks and watches measure’.  The bottomline of these video explanations is that the concept of time is still evolving. More info available at KNOW MORE


What’s a satisfactory meal without a mouth-watering dessert to end it? There are several varieties of desserts offered in many restaurants. All the cherry lovers must have heard of the dessert dish cherry jubilee. It is made with cherries and liquor (Kirschwasser), which is subsequently flambéed. Cherry jubilee is served as sauce over vanilla ice cream. Aren’t ice creams the best desserts?? Who can say no to ice creams especially when served with tempting sauces?

The cherry jubilee dessert is a creation of Augstee Escoffier, who was a chef from France. He prepared this dish for Queen Victoria’s jubilee celebration. But it was not clear if it was for the Golden jubilee of 1887 or the Diamond jubilee of 1897.

A special food holiday is celebrated on September 24th of every year and that is National Cherries Jubilee Day. On this day all the cherry lovers make this delicious dessert and enjoy it. Cherry Jubilee was a standard menu item at America’s finest restaurants for many years.  It was a very popular dish during 1950’s and 1960’s.

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