CBSE and IGCSE Science Study resources- videos, notes, quiz, sample papers and sample paper solutions

Eloquent professionals from the fields of academics, animation and graphics have generated precise and quality study resources for CBSE and IGCSE boards. Professionals have gone through the entire syllabus of CBSE and IGCSE to generate efficient study resources for the students of 9th and 10th classes.

Study resources in the form of 3D HD videos, precise contents, tutorials, sample papers and solutions, series of quiz have been prepared and designed to cover physics, chemistry and biology syllabus of CBSE and IGCSE boards.

Basic principles of the science that covers physics, chemistry and biology subjects of CBSE/NCERT and IGCSE syllabus have been presented in the most effective manner through audio-video visuals enabling the students of 9th and 10th classes to develop their scientific learning skills beside grasping the essence of the scientific principles and their applications in day to day life.

Astonishing facts and developments associated with each chapter and topic of physics, chemistry and biology of 9th and 10th classes of CBSE and IGCSE boards have been compiled and handsomely presented in the audio-video visuals. Using these study resources, the students of 9th and 10th classes can find answers to all their queries, besides invoking their interests in the science subjects. For example, basic scientific principles involved in various science topics like how things work, how life develops, what is energy how it is created, have been demonstrated evidently with interesting examples, helping students to bind their interests to the subject and also to broaden their scientific learning approach.

Precise and self-explanatory contents for each of the science subject i.e. physics; chemistry and biology of CBSE and IGCSE boards have been developed by the company. The science content like notes, simple theory, sample papers and solutions supported by the 3D HD videos and other similar visuals helped students to enhance their learning skills and also improved their grading scores to excellent levels. Besides students, teachers have also been benefited from products and offerings of the company and their teaching skills have been strengthened.

Cell Division is one of the important chapters of the IGCSE science syllabus. 3D HD videos explain the different phases of cell division like prophase, metaphase, anaphase and telophase in such an exciting and comprehensive way that students can readily grasp and understand the concept. Similarly, the other science topics of chemistry, biology and physics have been developed and demonstrated using 3D HD animation science videos which have been widely accepted and appreciated by the students as well as teachers.

In addition to the above, the sample papers and their solutions have also been designed to quick understanding and for developing learning and teaching skills. The content of the sample papers and their solutions are understandable.


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