CBSE class 9 science videos, question papers and textbooks for examination preparation

The subject matter experts of the company have designed model test papers with solutions, in line with the pattern of NCERT and CBSE, along with tricks for solving problems quickly. Model test papers have been designed to cover all-important topics from the syllabus of NCERT, CBSE and IGCSE for science students of class 9. Attempting the sample papers, the students develop an understanding of the pattern of the question papers and effective ways to attempt the question papers to secure good marks. Besides this, topic based 3D videos, textbooks with comprehensive study material, interactivity laboratories have also been developed for the students of class 9 for quick understanding of the topics.

The subject matter specialist have taken into consideration the aspirations and needs of the science students of class 9th besides ensuring the quality of model question papers in accordance with the pattern of NCERT, CBSE and IGCSE. Textbooks prepared for class 9 students covers self-explained topics with simple demonstrative process. Students can easily practice these sample papers with the help of readily available solutions. Students of class 9 have appreciated these sample question papers for helping them in preparing for their unit tests and final examinations. Sample papers for class 9 and model test papers aided with good study materials, comprehensive text books 3D-HD Videos, matching to the standards of NCERT and CBSE have helped students to achieve good marks.  Not only students, but teachers also have found these materials, prepared for students of class 9th as quite useful and helpful in preparing notes and develop better understanding.

Many a times students face difficulty in finding answers to the problems in the textbooks. Those are simplified and comprehensible by the company. Students just need to cite a problem and they will get the correct answer with complete solution. All sample papers and solutions have been designed and posted on the website, keeping in view the requirements of the students as well as the standards laid by the NCERT and CBSE pattern. Problems and their solutions, including for those given in the textbooks of CBSE and NCERT, can be located easily and solved in no time. Provisions have also been provided to easily browse and read the content of textbooks of NCERT online. These model solutions, where the answers to the questions have been provided with detailed step-by-step solutions, are a priceless aid for students while learning and preparing for the exams.

Students learn best when they can read, visualize and listen. Aided by the use of 3D-HD animations and interactivity laboratory, the science concepts have been simplified further thereby making the learning process a game with exciting fun and knowledge. Excelling in exams hold great importance for students, and the key to that is practice. With our exhaustive question bank, we give you access to our vast collection of Multiple Choice Questions, Short Answer Questions and objective questions. Therefore, experience how animated videos make you understand tough concepts easily.


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