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CBSE/NCERT Pattern: science study materials, sample papers and model test papers for class IX

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The subject matter experts have prepared study material in accordance with the syllabus pattern of CBSE. The subject matters experts have applied their due diligence and prepared best sample papers. The sample papers have helped the students of 9th class to prepare well not only for final examinations but also for science unit tests conducted in the schools.

Samples papers have been designed and formulated in such a manner, enabling the students to carry-out their self-evaluation. The science sample papers and model test papers series cover all the important topics of science subject. A student gets first hand idea about the real test paper pattern after going through these sample papers and model test papers. Sample papers and model test papers have been designed and developed for class 9th for the subject of science which include physics; chemistry and biology that helps the students of class 9th to prepare their strategies for examinations. In addition to this series of sample papers, solution helps the students carry out their self-evaluation and prepare their strategies accordingly. Study materials have proven its worth among the students around the globe. The student as well as teaching communities have adopted these services to enhance their capabilities and skills.

model test papers

User friendly and simple online modules have also been developed to help the students to test their abilities in a particular subject. Simple contents and pattern of the study material on various science topics like ‘Matter in Our Surrounding, Is Matter Around Us Pure, Atoms and Molecules, Structure of the Atom, The Fundamental Unit of Life, Tissues, Diversity in Living Organisms, Motion, Forces and Laws of Motion, Gravitation, Work and Energy, Sound, Why Do We Fall ill, Natural Resources, Improvement in Food Resources, etc., has been appreciated not only by the students but also by the teaching community.

The practice sample papers of previous years, Multiple Choice Questions type online practice sets, qualitative and quantitative reasoning tests, notes, assignments, and 3D-HD videos  adds more to the offerings developed for class 9th science students.

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