How fitness is linked to better math skills in kids

How fitness is linked to better math skills in kids

It is well known among brain researchers that grey matter thinning is a part of maturity of a healthy brain as the brain is pruning away unnecessary connections and strengthening useful connections. Now researchers at University of Illinois have published results of a study that showed that physically higher fit 9 and 10 years olds show a decrease in grey matter thickness in the frontal, temporal and occipital parts of the brain that leads to better math skills. This research results directly suggest that physical activity opportunities in school days are critical for enhancing the math abilities in kids. More on this can be found at Know More

Google’s driver less car program-

Some of the components that can combine to make a driverless car a reality are self-parking, automatic emergency braking, adaptive cruise control and lane keeping. Beyond that technologies that will help to automatically visualize traffic in the road are also critical. In this excellent lecture at Know More
Chrim Urmson, who heads Google’s driver less car program, gives a fascinating account of how such a car understands the traffic around.

Can plants be made more nutritious?

New genetic engineering techniques are evolving where genetic code of a plant can be edited to make it more nutritious. The technique of transferring a desired DNA into the target genome is already proven. This has been used in plants as a defense mechanism against viruses. Next aspect of genetic engineering is to use RNA to fight against viruses instead of using chemical pesticides. Many of these innovations will be beneficial to small farmers in developing countries. These practices will be easily accepted as they involve genetic editing rather than introducing foreign material.

Smarter car headlights 

Robotics institute researchers at Carnegie Melon university are coming up with programmable headlights that can dynamically adapt to changing weather conditions while improving driver visibility. The new headlights will avoid illuminating rain drops or snowflakes in poor weather by reducing the glare while lighting up the lane better. More information is available at Know More


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