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Install a Tesla at home for storing energy, it is revolutionary

Power wall, unveiled by Tesla motors earlier this year is a plug-and-play Lithium ion battery that draws electricity from the grid when demand and rates are low or sucks it from solar panels from your roof. The energy is saved for use during peak power demand hours. Power wall can be mounted on a wall. It comes in two different models, one 7 KWH and costs $3000 and is meant for solar energy saving and one is 10 KWH model, costs $3500 and is meant to store energy for weeks. Power wall, has already become a popular product and is sold out through mid-2016.

How fitness is linked to better math skills in kids

It is well known among brain researchers that grey matter thinning is a part of maturity of a healthy brain as the brain is pruning away unnecessary connections and strengthening useful connections. Now researchers at University of Illinois have published results of a study that showed that physically higher fit 9 and 10 years olds show a decrease in grey matter thickness in the frontal, temporal and occipital parts of the brain that leads to better math skills. This research results directly suggest that physical activity opportunities in school days are critical for enhancing the math abilities in kids. Know More

You heard of smartphone, and smartwatch. Now Smart Jeans from Google

Google ATAP labs have come out with a smart invention called Smart Jeans. The Jeans are made with a fabric that contains special conducting threads that are linked to your smartphone to perform certain tasks during emergency. Just by rubbing the jeans your emergency contact will get a call from you. Levi’s has collaborated with Google to bring this smart product to the market. Know More

Math helps to predict how the human body fights disease(sept 1st, Tuesday)

Walter and Eliza Hall institute researchers used mathematical models to predict how immune cells respond to infection and disease. The research published in Journal of science in November, 2014 will help manipulate immune responses for better health. The initial predictions of the team measured response for flu virus but the team believes this could help enhance anti-cancer immune responses that could help cancer treatments. Professor Hodgkin said that many of the diseases are not caused by a single change but due to a number of complex, subtle changes. Know More



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