Previous years solved question papers

Previous year’s solved question papers, model test papers and 3D-HD videos for science students of CBSE and IGCSE Board

The subject matter experts of biology, chemistry and physics, and professional graphic designers have been continuously bringing the best of study materials to bring out the best of potential in the students of class 9th and 10th.  Author and graphic designer professionals have been constantly striving to produce the best ever-available CBSE study materials, to make the learning process simple. Series of 3D-HD videos, sample question papers, model test papers solved question papers, practice sets have been prepared for the subjects of physics, chemistry and Biology. 3D-HD videos, interactive laboratories, coupled with concise contents have been presented by using High Definition animation technology. All science topics of physics, chemistry and biology have been covered in entirety helping the students as well as teachers to strengthen their skills.

Previous year’s question papers for CBSE and IGCSE boards have been secured initially by the efficient experts and then compiled systematically in a simple manner. Keeping in view the learning skills of various students, course material aided by the high quality 3D-HD videos are developed helping the students to prepare for their regular tests as well as examination more efficiently. Practice sets, model test papers, series of quiz and science games further add to the capabilities of the students besides enhancing their knowledge as well as confidence. Using the study materials also helps students to improve their scores developed by the experts after thorough analysis of pattern of papers of CBSE, NCERT and IGCSE Boards. The students not only can streamline their strategy for the preparation of exams but also while attempting the full question paper in the examination hall.

Practice makes a man perfect. Not only does it make you perfect, but also helps you to improve score.Students have recognized the constructive aspects associated with the study materials developed by the company. Features like self-evaluation, confidence building, refined learning skills, refined grasping abilities, better and prolonged understandings of the concept, etc. are some wonderful characteristics of the study materials benefitting the students of class 9th and 10th as per their aspirations.

Using the best technology the contents have been explained in a simple and impressive way that binds the interests of the students with the topic. For instance ‘Human Eye and Colorful World’ is one of the important chapters of 10th class in CBSE syllabus. Its various components viz. human eye, power of accommodation, myopia or (near-Sightedness), hypermetropia (Far-Sightedness), presbyopia, refraction of light through prism, dispersion of white light, scattering of light, etc. have been demonstrated brilliantly using 3D-HD video technology and interactive laboratory. These products have earned overwhelming appreciation of students as well as teachers.

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