Greenpeace activists have setup a solar power microgrid in a village called Dharnai, in Bihar, India in 2014, but the villagers later on demanded coal based grid power. Here are the reasons.This village lost electric power in 1981  and has not got it back since then till the microgrid experiment in 2014 by greenpeace activists.  Although the Greenpeace experiment brought initial cheers to the village, very soon it was realized that this cannot be a permanent solution but only a stopgap, because solar microgrids donot address climate changes.  As more people in the village signed up to be hooked to the solar microgrid,  the 224 batteries that were installed for storing solar power started getting drained out very quickly in spite of repeated requests not to connect energy inefficient devices to the microgrid.  Now the village has a 100 KW transformer connecting it to the central power grid and the enrolment in the solar program has dropped significantly as solar power in Dharnai costs three times as much as grid power. Readmore..

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Apple’s swift code can enable Andriod development

Apple’s decision to open source swift language will now enable Andriod developers to use it.  LLVM, the underlying compiler used by swift generates machine independent intermediate code, which can then be converted to a target architecture by using kits like Android NDK.  Mobile development studio Arctouch last year, has done a proof-of-concept of generating an Android and Apple calculator app by parsing swift code through a custom compiler.  Swift as a programming language is similar to Java and some developers claim that it is easy to generate android apps starting with swift. Readmore..


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