C. V. Raman

One of the most prominent Indian scientists in history, C.V. Raman was the first Indian person to win the Nobel Prize in science for his illustrious 1930 discovery, now commonly known as the “Raman Effect”. It is immensely surprising that…

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“Not Possible Without Zero Or Place Value System ’’ “Earth Spins On Its Axis ’’ Do you know who proved this…………………? Aryabhatta (476AD-550AD) was the great mathematician and astronomer from the classical age of Indian Mathematics. He was born in…

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News update

Install a Tesla at home for storing energy, it is revolutionary Power wall, unveiled by Tesla motors earlier this year is a plug-and-play Lithium ion battery that draws electricity from the grid when demand and rates are low or sucks…

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Exam updates

* NTSE Uttarakhand NTSE Last date of form submission 08.09.2015 Date of Examination 08.11.2015 * British Science Festival The 2015 British Science Festival – supported by Siemens – will be hosted by the University of Bradford from 7.9.2015 to 10.09.2015.The…

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