“Not Possible Without Zero Or Place Value System ’’

“Earth Spins On Its Axis ’’

Do you know who proved this…………………?

Aryabhatta (476AD-550AD) was the great mathematician and astronomer from the classical age of Indian Mathematics. He was born in Teragana in Bihar. He studied in Nalanda University. Aryabhatta was the first one to explore integer solutions to the equations of the form by =ax+c and by =ax-c, where a,b,c are integers. He used kuttuka method to solve problems.

Aryabhatta was identified by numerous mathematicians for algebraic translation. He focused on algebra, arithmetic, plane trigonometry and quadratic equations.

He went into great detail about the approximation of Pi (π) and then he concluded that ‘π’ is irrational.

He was honoured in many ways. The first Indian Satellite is named after him Aryabhatta in 1975.


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