Hey Kids! You must be excited seeing the above things. Such lovely colors and amazing glow is actually by an element named Neon. And the Neon light is invented by Georges Claude. Thereafter Neon light is widely used in signs and was the forerunner of the fluorescent light. He was a French engineer and inventor.

Georges Claude was born on 24th September, 1870 in Paris, France. He graduated from the ESPCI technical university in Paris.He then worked for a cable factory as an electrical inspector and as laboratory manager in an electric works. He is well-known for his research on liquefaction of air and invention on Neon Light.In the year 1897, Claude discovered that acetylene gas could be transported securely by dissolving it in acetone. His method was generally adopted and later on brought a broad expansion to the acetylene industry. Then in the year 1902, he developed a process for producing liquefied air in quantity. He also suggested the use of liquid oxygen in iron smelting in 1910 but his suggestion was not used till World War II was finished. He also developed a process for the manufacture of ammonia in 1917.

His French company named Claude Neon sold its first Neon lights in the United States to a Car dealership in Los Angeles in the year 1923. Earle C Anthony was the one who purchased two lights for the first time reading Packard for $1,250 apiece. Neon Lights became popular in no time as a fixture in outdoor advertising. They were visible even in daylight.

Claude was also the first person to build prototype plants of Ocean Thermal Energy Conversion technology. Claude built his plant in Cuba in 1930 and the plant  produced 22 kilowatts of electricity using a low-pressure turbine.Claude constructed another plant in 1935and this time aboard a 10,000-ton cargo vessel tied up the coast of Brazil. Bad weather and waves destroyed both the plants before they could become net power generators.

He is said to have three children. He actively collaborated with Adolf Hitler and his forces in France and he was later imprisoned and all his honors were taken away. He was convicted of collaborating with Nazi Germany.  He died on 23rd May, 1960 in Saint-Cloud at the age of 89.

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