We all know about Nepal Earthquake incident. It’s a natural disaster caused by the nature.So many people lost their lives and livelihood in such mishap. A disaster is defined as an accident which causes great damage or loss of life. Disaster may be caused by nature, humans, management etc.

Earlier the day was named as International Day for Natural Disaster Reduction. The United Nations has started observing a day to raise the profile of risk of disaster reduction. It was decided by UN on 22nd December, 1989 that the second Wednesday will be observed annually as International Day for Natural Disaster Reduction. Later on 21st December 2009, it has been decided to designate 13th October to celebrate the day and the name of the day has been changed to International Day For Disaster Reduction. It encourages people to participate in building more flexible communities and nations. This day is a global observance and not to be celebrated as a public holiday.

Various activities like media announcements and campaigns are launched to focus on the day’s designated theme. Also competitions in drawing, essay, drama and photography are arranged to make people aware of natural disaster reduction and increasing their preparedness for such adverse situations. There are also some other activities held such as conferences, tree planting fairs, street parades and seminars. All these activities raise awareness of how people are taking action to reduce their risk to disasters.

This year the emphasis will be on older people. The day focusses the inclusive approach for older people in risk of disaster reduction. It concentrates on the crucial role they can play in better planning and understanding risk reduction.

Lecture about Human brain

Neuroscientist SuzanaHerculano-Houzel, in this fantastic lecture on explains how human brain is unique.  Are larger brains smarter? What is unique about human brain being 2% of body weight uses 25% of the total body energy? Why is the density of cerebral cortex so high n human brain and is it this aspect that distinguishes human brain from the brains of other animals? Her starting discovery that it was the invention of ‘cooking’ that actually resulted in size of human brain increasing from 0.5 Kg to 1.5 Kg. Know More..

Control and Coordination

A living being does not live in isolation. It has to constantly interact with its external environment and has to respond properly for its survival. For example Know More..



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