Online CBSE class 9 science textbook, video and question papers solutions

NCERT and CBSE books play a vital role in developing the basic knowledge of the science based concepts. Simple and easily understandable language proved in the text books of NCERT/CBSE ensure better understanding of even complicated topics. Keeping in view the pattern of NCERT and CBSE, the solutions of sample papers for the science students of class 9th have been designed in a better conveying manner enabling the students to understand the concepts readily. Eloquent professionals have been engaged to prepare the solutions matching the pattern of CBSE and NCERT and to the aspirations of the science students of class 9th. Comprehensive study modules have been developed by the subject matter experts for science students of class 9th covering all aspects of a particular concept in a simplest way.

Concept/topic specific study modules for science students of class 9th have been designed, maintaining its simplicity without compromising on the quality. Study modules are self-contained which are highly appreciated by the science students in terms of learning platform provided by these modules besides strengthening theoretical knowledge of the students. In addition to these, 3D animated videos are also available for class 9th CBSE Science students that further clarify and strengthen the learning capabilities of students in a very little time. Theoretical study materials and sample question papers for science students of class 9th further intensify the knowledge of students.

Package of services offered by the company includes 3D Videos, interactive laboratories, and unlimited practice question papers enabling the students to prepare for their tests and exams with ease. Science texts have been developed in a very simple language to ensure elimination of all doubts of the students of class 9th and thereby retaining the understanding of the concept for a longer period. Interactive labs offer students an innovative practice session to develop an understanding of the science concepts as per the syllabus of CBSE and NCERT in the form of 3D video games. In addition to this, there are unlimited practice sessions where students can test their skills and understanding of a particular science topic more efficiently. In addition to this, improvised/supervised preparation sessions for Science Olympiad have been specifically aligned to the requirements of CBSE curriculum. Compendium of additional curriculum, developed keeping in view, the requirements of class 9th students covers the vast syllabus prescribed by CBSE board in a very simple and interesting way. The offerings of the company are specific to the students’ aspirations.

Students of CBSE class 9th can now look beyond the anxiety of elaborative study that too without much understanding and grasping of the topics. Download the class 9th science chapters, videos and textbook questions-answers to achieve good marks in the examinations.

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