Science Solutions:- Videos, Sample papers and Sample Paper Solutions for CBSE and IGCSE Boards

Science subject matter experts of physics, chemistry and biology, with exceptional intellect qualities, and innovative research acumen, have produced best science study materials matching to the aspirations of the class 9th and 10th students studying CBSE/NCERT or IGCSE syllabus. Subject matter experts have confined themselves to introduce simple contents and simultaneously ensuring the qualities like innovation, clarity, interest invoking and understand-ability of the science topics of class 9th and 10th. In addition to these model test papers, study tutorials, topics based on science interactivity laboratory among the students opting for the various 3D-HD videos, topics, quiz and sample papers and sample solution materials have also been developed by the company.

Students in the school, especially of class 9th and 10th, often find their bulky syllabus as tedious and hence face difficulty to prepare for their mid-term and final exams efficiently. Given the teaching aids developed by the company by extracting the best of teaching practices, 3D-HD animation videos, CBSE and IGCSE boards specific study material available globally, the students and teachers can easily be benefited and can secure path breaking results. Highly efficient, best in their class 3D-HD videos and other related contents have been developed by the company, which have been appreciated by the teaching community globally for upgrading and strengthening the learning skills of the students as well as teaching skills.

All science chapters, which cover physics, chemistry and biology, have been elegantly described and explained in the form of 3D-HD videos along with interactive laboratory, chapter wise concise theories of class 9th and 10th, quiz and sample papers and sample paper solutions.

A comprehensive study material is developed for the students to understand the science topics very quickly. Users have widely admitted that these science study products are very useful in enhancing the learning skill for students and teaching skill for teachers.

The company, through its present endeavor to simplify the learning of science, has applied the 3D technology to develop High Definition (HD) videos and other effective means of research & development to scrutinize the best content available in the text of CBSE, NCERT, IGCSE and other school boards. Using the best of all available material, the company has integrated the traditional teaching and learning process with the modern smart learning methods and accordingly, developed the best content in the form of concise study material, tutorials, HD videos, model test papers, etc.

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