Series of solved papers and quiz for CBSE and IGCSE boards

Professionals from the field of academics and graphics have used their intellect at its best to develop self-explanatory study materials, good enough to clear all doubts and bearing a permanent impression of understanding on the student’s mind.

Science 3D-HD videos, model question papers, test papers, series of quiz and practice sets have been prepared in such a way that students find them exciting besides binding their interests to the topic. The study materials, thus developed, have not only aided the students in the learning of science but also inculcated among the teachers an innovative approach to make the process of leaning science as more interesting.

The solved papers, videos and interesting quiz and other study materials are available for students of 9th and 10th class. These products have been developed after carrying out an extensive research to analyze the needs of various students of class 9th and 10th as well educational standards like CBSE, NCERT and IGCSE etc. Using these products, the students can make themselves well acquainted with the pattern of study, examination and question papers and accordingly can finalize their time management and plan to prepare for the regular tests as well as the final examinations.

3D-HD videos demonstrating the theoretical content of science topics, aided by the sample papers and series of solved question papers have undoubtedly enhanced the capability students to grasp the science topics efficiently and quickly.

Series of 3D-HD videos developed chapter wise for physics, chemistry and biology subjects have been the most sought for component of the service developed by the company. These 3D-HD videos contain comprehensive information of a topic aided with high quality visuals enabling the students invoke their interests in learning. For instance, ‘Work and Energy’ is one of the important chapters of 9th class in CBSE and NCERT syllabus. Its various components viz. concept of work, work done at constant force, energy, forms of energy, kinetic energy, potential energy etc. have been demonstrated using high class 3D-HD video and interactivity lab. It has been demonstrated entirely, enabling the students to grasp the concept in no time.


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